ACTION ALERT – Orange County Charter Review Meeting Today

Our Split Oak Charter Amendment is likely going to pass another significant hurdle tonight @ 5:30pm 💚
Want to do a public comment in support? Please consider it! You must email and with a request to speak, they'll respond with an invite to the WebEx meeting.
Your concise and well-articulated public comment could provide the impetus an undecided CRC member needs to pass our resolution. Please consider making a 15 second to three minute comment in support. I will be available for tech support. My number is 386.852.2539.
You're also welcome to just watch the meeting on Orange TV using this link.

Comment Suggestions

  • I support this Amendment because the voters have a right to decide what happens to their public land.
  • This Amendment is very well written and would allow Orange County to protect this Orange County public park currently under threat of development.
  • I visit Split Oak and the impact of construction anywhere within the park would reduce the currently very high conservation and recreational value the park has.
  • Split Oak Forest was supposed to be protected 'in perpetuity'. Those protections are still in place and do not have to be removed. State-level loopholes that were added to statute after Split Oak was purchased and restored are being used to justify an unnecessary road to service new suburban sprawl. Our public land should not be targeted in this way.

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