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The CFX board is having their virtual June meeting tomorrow morning at 9. They are proposing appointing Charles Lee to the Environmental Stewardship Committee. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

Sacrificing the Osceola portion of Split Oak Forest to appease the developers in return for other, inferior land has been his pet project for the past three years. It is the opposite of environmental stewardship.

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Friends of Split Oak strongly object to the appointment of Charles Lee because of his history of supporting compromise with developers rather than supporting policies that prevent environmental exploitation. He firmly advocates sacrificing a portion of meticulously-conserved preserve for 1500 acres of degraded, unsuitable or detached land, which is a numbers game to appease the developers of this project. For this reason he is deeply distrusted by many in the environmental community. The links below illustrate that this distrust dates back at least 31 years. Appointing him to the Environmental Stewardship Committee would in effect be “putting the fox in charge of the guarding the hen house.”

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