Gift a Holiday Card from Split Oak Forest

Your holiday gift this year can help the environment rather than harm it. Please let me know what date you would like your card to arrive by.

Flat Photo Card – Happy Holidays

Donate $20 and I will hand write and send our beautiful single-sided card of a threatened Byssus Skipper (Problema byssus) nectaring on Coastalplain Chaffhead (Carphephorus corymbosus) in Split Oak Forest. Notice that the card has limited space, so keep your note short, please. Make sure to enter your loved one’s name and address as well as what you would like me to write in the comments. Donate $20 here.

Greeting Card – Athena the Tortoise

Donate $50 and I will hand write a note to your loved one. This card has plenty of space, so be creative :D. This original watercolor of Athena was created after the artist, Mary Nesler, saw a gopher tortoise trundling down a trail in Split Oak and was inspired to craft our mascot warrior. Donate $50 here and don’t forget your loved one’s name and address and note in the PayPal notes section. Friends of Split Oak Forest logo on back.