Whatever happened to E-1?

You may have seen our maps and posters at events or on the website depicting a purple-and-pink-toned map of a curvy route around both Lake Ajay Village and Split Oak Forest but through Country Meadows. This route is old, and was bumped from consideration by November 2015 by Kimley-Horn, the consultants for the Osceola County Expressway Authority (OCX)1. This alignment meets safety and speed standards for a rural highway at 70 mph - the same standards that CFX is using for their feasibility studies2. E-1 did not make it as the preferred alternative during the PD&E study, that honor was reserved for E5-A2B, presented to the OCX Board April 11, 2017.3 On December 9, 2014 a lawyer representing Maury Carter spoke up at an OCX meeting indicating that those curves were dangerous. View the video for yourself here, his comments begin at 16:00.

  1. The Osceola County Expressway Authority still exists but transferred responsibility for all pending projects to the Central Florida Expressway Authority five months ago, in September 2017 (CFX)
  2. I have verbally confirmed this with a Kimley-Horn engineer, a CFX engineer, and a CH2M engineer
  3. I came into this whole thing in the middle of the PD&E process after E-1 had already been discarded

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