New Species Finds – mid-August to mid-September 2018

Current Species County in iNaturalist: 574
iNaturalist Species Count August 15: 555

Twenty four new species to report!

New Endangered Plants

Eulophia ecristata Giant Orchid by Bryan Ames (found previously by FWC but first find in iNaturalist!)
Pinguicula lutea Yellow Butterwort by Danny Goodding (found March 17, 2018 but I must have missed it!)

New Herps

Hyla femoralis Pine Woods Tree Frog by Valerie Anderson (found July 8 but not positively identified until August 29, was on FWC list)
Hyla squirella Squirrel Tree Frog by Stacy Klema (was on FWC list but hadn't been found yet!)
Pseudacris ocularis Little Grass Frog (found during the BioBlitz by Danny Goodding)

New Wildflowers

Crotalaria pumila Low Rattlebox by Valerie Anderson (found on March 13, 2018 but I must have missed it!)
Elephantopus elatus Tall Elephant's Foot by Bryan Ames
Lobelia paduosa White Lobelia by Bryan Ames (not on FWC list and first iNaturalist record for Osceola County!!)
Liatris tenuifolia Shortleaf Blazing Star by Stacy Klema (not on FWC list)
Mimosa quadrivavis Fourvalve Mimosa by Valerie Anderson (not on FWC list)
Physostegia purpurea Eastern False Dragonhead by Dave Wegman
Polygonella polygama October Flower by Valerie Anderson
Sabatia difformis Lanceleaf Rose Gentian by Mary Keim (found July 14th but I must have missed it!)
Solidago odora var. chapmanii Chapmna's Goldenrod by Stacy Klema
Toxicodendron radicans Eastern Poison Ivy by Valerie Anderson (not that you want to find this!)
Vigna luteola Hairypod Cowpea by Stacy Klema (not on FWC list)

New Trees

Quercus nigra Water Oak by Valerie Anderson

New Butterflies and Moths

Datana ministra Yellow-Necked Catepillar Moth by Valerie Anderson (not on FWC list)
Papilio polyxenes Black Swallowtail by Laura Bennet-Kimble (found on May 5th but I didn't notice. Sorry Laura!)

New Insects

Megatibicen resonans Resonant Cicada by Stacy Klema
Polistes fuscatus Dark Paper Wasp by Stacy Klema
Trichodes ornatus Ornate Checkered Beetle by Stacy Klema
Trigonopeltastes delta
Delta Flower Scarab by travis-

New Fungi

Tylopilus felleus Bitter Bolete by Stacy Klema

Most Wanted Plants (on FWC list or seen nearby)

Agalinis fasciculata Beach False Foxglove (not on FWC list)
Agalinis filifolia Seminole False Foxglove
Amphicarpaea bracteata
American Hogpeanut (not on FWC list, unlikely)
Apios americana
Groundnut (not on FWC list, likely)
Asclepias curtisii
Curtis's Milkweed (not on FWC list)
Asemeia grandiflora
Showy Milkwort*
Amphicarpum muhlenbergianum
Blue Maidencane
Aristida palustris
Longleaf Threeawn
Asimina angustifolia
Slimleaf Pawpaw
Bacopa caroliniana Carolina Water-Hyssop
Boehmeria cylindrica
False Nettle (not on FWC list, likely)
Calopogon tuberosus tuberosus
Tuberous Grass Pink
Carphephorus carnosus
Pineland Chaffhead (endemic, not on FWC list, likely)
Carphephorus odoratissimus
var. subtropicanus Pineland Purple (endemic, not on FWC list, likely)
Centella asiatica
Gotu Kola (invasive)
Chamaecrista nictatans
Sensitive Pea (not on FWC list, likely)
Chapmannia floridana
Florida Alicia (not on FWC list, likely, endemic)
Clitoria mariana
Atlantic Pidgeonwings (not on FWC list, likely)
Conoclinium coelestinum
Blue Mistflower
Desmodium floridanum 
Florida Ticktrefoil (not on FWC list, likely)
Desmodium incanum Creeping Beggarweed (non-native, not on FWC list, likely)
Desmodium paniculatum Panicled Ticktrefoil (not on FWC list, likely)
Desmodium tenuifolium Slimleaf Ticktrefoil (not on FWC list)
Desmodium tortuosum Florida Ticktrefoil (not on FWC list, it's nativeness is debated)
Desmodium triflorum Threeflower Ticktrefoil (not on FWC list, non-native, likely)
Desmodium viridflorum Velvetleaf Ticktrefoil (not on FWC list
Diodia virginiana Virginia Buttonweed*
Epidendrum magnoliae
Green Fly Orchid
Eupatorium album
White Thoroughwort (not on FWC list, unlikely)
Eupatorium compositifolium
Yankeeweed (not on FWC list, likely)
Eupatorium leptophyllum
False Fennel
Eupatorium serotinum
Late Boneset (not on FWC list, very likely)
Funastrum clausum
White Twinevine (not on FWC list, likely)
Helianthemum carolinianum
Carolina Frostweed (not on FWC list)
Helianthemum corymbosum
Pinebarren Frostweed (not on FWC list)
Helianthemum nashii
Florida Scrub Frostweed (not on FWC list)
Hydrolea corymbosa
Hymenocallis palmeri
 Alligator Lily*
Hypolepis repens
Creeping Bramble Fern
Ilex ambigua
Carolina Holly
Ilex cassine
Dahoon Holly
Ilex coriacea
Large Gallberry
Indigofera caroliniana
Carolina Indigo (not on FWC list, likely)
Indigofera hirsuta
Hairy Indigo (not on FWC list, invasive, likely)
Indigofera spicata
Creeping Indigo (not on fWC list, invasive, likely)
Juncus effusus solutus
Eastern Soft Rush
Lachnocaulon beyrichianum
Southern Bogbutton
Lechea torreyi
Piedmont Pinweed
Ludwigia repens
Creeping Evening Primrose
Lycopodiella caroliniana
Slender Club-Moss
Lycopus rubellus
Water Horehound
Lyonia lygustrima foliosiflora
Oldenlandia uniflora
Clustered Mille Graines
Oplismenus hirtellus
Opuntia stricta
Shell Mound Pricklypear
Osmunda regalis spectabilis
American Royal Fern
Oxypolis filiformis
Water Cowbane
Palafoxia integrifolia
Coastalplain Palafox
Panicum verrucosum
Warty Panicgrass
Passiflora lutea
Yellow Passionflower (not on FWC list, unlikely)
Passiflora suberosa 
Corkstem Passionflower (not on FWC list, likely)
Peltandra virginica
Green Arrow Arum
Penstemon multiflorus
White or Manyflowered Beardtongue
Pluchea foetida 
Stinking Camphorweed*
Physostegia leptophylla
Slenderleaf False Dragonhead (not on FWC list)
Pithecellobium unguis-cati
Catclaw Blackbead (not on FWC list, unlikely)
Polygonella robusta
Sandhill Wireweed (endemic)
Polygonella basiramia Hairy Jointweed* (endemic)
Polygonella gracilis Tall Jointweed
Quercus chapmanii Chapman’s Oak
Quercus geminata
Sand Live Oak
Quercus minima
Dwarf Live Oak
Rhexia alifanus
Savannah Meadowbeauty (not on FWC list)
Rhexia cubensis
West Indian Meadowbeauty (not on FWC list)
Rhexia lutea
Yellow Meadowbeauty (not on FWC list, unlikely)
Rhexia virginica
Handsome Harry(not on FWC list, unlikely)
Rhynchospora fascicularis
Fascicled Beaksedge
Rhynchospora inundata
Narrowfruit Horned Beaksedge
Rubus argutus Sawtooth Blackberry
Sagittaria lancifolia
Lanceleaf Arrowhead
Scoparia dulcis
Licorice Weed*
Setaria magna
Giant Bristlegrass
Sida acuta
Spinyhead Sida (not on FWC list, very likely)
Smilax glauca
Cat Greenbriar (not on FWC list)
Smilax rotundifolia
Roundleaf Greenbriar (not on FWC List, unlikely)
Smilax pumila
Sarsparilla vine
Smilax smallii
Jackson vine (not on FWC list, unlikely)
Smilax tamnoides
Bristly Greenbriar (not on FWC list)
Smilax walteri
Coral Greenbriar (not on FWC list)
Spigelia loganoides 
Florida Pinkroot (not on FWC list, unlikely)
Syngonanthus flavidulus
Yellow Hatpins
Tiedemannia filiformis 
Water Cowbane*
Tillandsia balbisiana 
Spreading Airplant
Tillandsia bartramii
Bartram’s Airplant
Tillandsia fasciculata
Cardinal Airplant
Triadenum virginicum V
irginia Marsh St. John’s Wort
Typha latifolia Common Cattail
Vittaria lineata
Shoestring Fern
Xyris fimbriata
Fringed Yellow-eyed Grass
Xyris platylepis Tall Yellow-Eyed Grass*
Zanthoxylum fagara Wild Lime (not on FWC list, possible)

Missing Invasive Plant Species

Psidium guajava Guava

Most Wanted Butterflies and Moths

Abaeis nicippe Sleepy Orange
Ancycloxypha numitor Least Skipper
Asbolis capucinus Monk Skipper (not on FWC list, highly likely)
Asterocampa celtis Hackberry Emperor (not on FWC list, unlikely)
Battus philenor Pipevine Swallowtail (not on FWC list)
Copaeodes minima Southern Skipperling
Danaus eresimus Soldier (not on FWC list, likely)
Dryas iulia Julia (not on FWC list, likely)
Endodeca serpentaria Virginia Snakeroot (not on FWC list, possible)
Epargyreus clarus Silver-spotted Skipper (not on FWC, likely)
Eumaeus atala Atala Hairstreak (not on FWC list, threatened, unlikely)
Euptoieta claudia Variegated Fritillary
Junonia coenia Common Buckeye
Junonia evarete Tropical Buckeye (not on FWC list)
Junonia genoveva Magrove Buckeye (not on FWC list, unlikely)
Lerodea eufala Eufala Skipper
Limenitis archippus Viceroy
Neonympha areolatus Georgia satyr (threatened)
Oligoria maculata Twin-spot Skipper
Papilio cresophontes Giant Swallowtail (not on FWC list,
Poanes aaroni Aaron's Skipper
Phoebis agarithe Large Orange Sulfur (not on FWC list, possible)
Phoebis philea Orange-barred sulfur (not on FWC list
Phoebis sennae Cloudless Sulfur
Pyrgus albescens White-Checkered Skipper
Thorybes bathyllus Southern Cloudywing
Thorybes confusis Confused Cloudywing
Urbanus dorantes Dorantes Longtail
Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral (not on FWC list)
Vanessa virginiensis American Painted Lady (not on FWC list)

Missing Animal Species

Acris gryllus dorsalis Florida Cricket Frog
Kinosternon baurii
Striped Mud Turtle
Pantherophis alleghaniensis
Eastern Rat Snake
Plestiodon inexpectatus
Southeastern Five-Lined Skink
Pseudacris nigrita
Southern Chorus Frog
Thamnophis saurita sackenii
Peninsula Ribbon Snake

*If found in the Osceola County part of Split Oak, would be a first iNaturalist record for Osceola.

I wanted to check our progress for plants, and USF Plant Atlas lists a possible 1,501 species of plants in Orange and Osceola Counties. 1,192 of those are native. We've got a ways to go, guys!

So we have 102 "most wanted" plants and 251 already documented native plants = 353 plants that we (Friends of Split Oak Forest) know we need to find. That leaves 839 plants we don't have on the above list!

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