Split Oak has over 24 miles of trails. Most of these trails are also used as firebreaks for the frequent prescribed fire used to maintain the park's beautiful ecosystems. This soft footing means an excellent workout for people and horses alike.

Trail Map

There are five named trails in Split Oak, totaling 7.7 miles:

  1. North/South Trail - The longest trail, at 5.2 miles, is a loop from the Main Entrance. It passes by the namesake of the park - The Split Oak Tree as well as by the Sawgrass Marsh Overlook, Scrub Jay Island, and connects to every other named trail except the Lake Hart Spur.
  2. Lake Loop - At just under a mile long, this scenic and mostly shady trail will show you both water bodies that Split Oak borders: Lake Hart and Bonnet Pond.
  3. Center Trail - This trail takes .9 miles to cross Split Oak, a third of the trail is solid footing and shady and the two thirds is a shadeless firebreak of deep white sand.
  4. Swamp Trail - This trail is, for the most part, along a berm that crosses a brushy marsh into Moss Park. The trail is 0.7 miles long.
  5. County Line Trail - A short, beautiful walk through the hammock that brings you out near Lake 2. It's 0.3 miles long.

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