Split Oak Documents

Here because of my editorial in the Osceola News-Gazette? Go to the fully referenced version of that editorial here.


December - Orange County signals intent to create Split Oak with Osceola County via a Resolution: 91-ENV-03 and the counties submit the initial application to the Florida Communities Trust (FCT).


January to April - the counties work on the application to FCT.

October - Split Oak Forest's original management plan draft is signed, it's finally approved in 1999.


September - The Carter family sells property in Osceola County including Split Oak to Kappa Investments, Inc. (annual report for 1995) headed by members of their family and the Poitras family for $1.3m.


February/March - both counties enter into an agreement to apply for a loan and a grant from the FCT to establish Split Oak Forest, this agreement is called the Interagency Agreement for Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park.

March - Both counties enter into the 'Grant Award Agreement' binding them to each other in deed restrictions enforceable by FCT. It's amended in July to add Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (then Game and Fish Commission, or GFC) to the mix.

April - Kappa Investments, Inc. sells Split Oak Forest to Osceola County for $3.25m. Here's the deed. and here's Orange and Osceola's mortgage from FCT.

July - Grant Award Agreement amended to include the then Game and Fish Commission (GFC, now the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, or FWC) as a 'FCT Recipient' just like Orange and Osceola Counties.


March - The counties put 100 acres in Osceola County under a Conservation Easement. This deed includes whereas paragraphs describing the entire project area and referencing the "Governing Documents"


June - Orange County is authorized to sell mitigation credits on its part of Split Oak Forest. South Florida Water Management District authorizes it under permit number 950306-3.

October - The conservation easement on the Orange County portion of Split Oak Forest is completed and recorded. It's held by South Florida Water Management District.