Osceola County Contact

The first person you need to contact is Fred Hawkins, Jr. Mr. Hawkins is the chair of both the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners and the Central Florida Expressway Board. He has quite a bit of authority here and he has not come out opposing the road through he could easily make this issue move a lot or a little, depending on who you believe. (click the photos to email)

The next person you need to contact is Viviana Janer. She has a variable voting record on environmental issues. She has said she would sign a letter opposing the road through Split Oak, but she could use a nudge.

If you’re not emailed out, then contact Cheryl Grieb and Peggy Choudhry to thank them for their support of Split Oak Forest.

Osceola County could refuse to let the road go through their public conservation land just like Orange County did.