Orange County Contact

Orange County has already rejected the road through their part of Split Oak Forest (Osceola County owns the rest). Feel free to thank all of the county commissioners for that! The main person that needs to hear you is Mayor Buddy Dyer. Not only is the Orlando City Mayor, he’s also on the board of the Central Florida Expressway Authority. Your contact with him is amplified if you live within the city limits, which includes places you might not expect, like Lake Nona. (click on the photo to email the person)

The next person you should contact is Teresa Jacobs, the Mayor of Orange County. She has been a good listener when approached about Split Oak Forest, but she has not come out in support.

Your next email can be to the commissioner that is responsible for Split Oak Forest, Jennifer Thompson. She has come out in support of Split Oak Forest, so it would be wise to let you know you support her resolve to keep the road entirely out of Split Oak Forest!

Orange County has spoken for the part of Split Oak Forest that they own. Under the Interagency Agreement and the deed restrictions (officially, the Grant Award Agreement) Orange County has a say in what happens to the Osceola County part of Split Oak Forest, too.